Flying across the atlantic sas crj-900 klm cityhopper erj-190 klm md-11 westjet 737-600

Farewell md-11! The last ever scheduled passenger md-11 flight took place on 26. October 2014. The last flights were operated by klm on the montreal.

Air canada a319 etops london heathrow

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A380 vs 747! close-up air to air race over the atlantic!

Watch the worlds two biggest commercial airliners cross paths over the middle of the atlantic ocean! Enjoy this exciting in-flight air to air race! * Social * Make.

Transatlantic flight british airways boeing 747-436 flight 287 - london heathrow to san francisco

Full transatlantic flight from london heathrow airport to san francisco international airport on board a british airways boeing 747-436. This was one of british.

Transatlantic flight from canada - boeing 737-7hjc bbj landing at split airport spu/ldsp

A common jet for spu but an unusual flight for spu, all the way from gander, canada. Facebook page:.

Klm cockpit tales part 1 - autopilot in action

This is how the autopilot works. Explained by captain van dorst on a flight from amsterdam to london. For the real aviation fanatic watch the whole flight and.

The plane crash - full documentary

This is the full channel 4 documentary as screened in 2012. It shows the extensive planning and explains the rationale for the experiment.

Pmdg 737-700bbj atlantic etops

Me flying my 737 across the atlantic.

Crossing airplane very close. landing in san francisco (ksfo) cockpit view

B737-700 cockpit view of the ils approach to runway 28l in san francisco international airport (ksfo sfo). Crossing runway operations, simultaneous take.

Klm cockpit tales part 2 - crossing the atlantic

Crossing the atlantic via the so called highways in the sky. Join captain de vries on a flight to jonh f. Kennedy international airport. Always wanted to know.