Biker saves kitten from certain death on busy road

A motorcyclist bravely dodged traffic to scoop up a kitten in peril at a busy intersection - and has since given the cat a new home. The biker was wearing a.

Puppy abandoned on a busy road gets rescued just in time

Howl of a dog fram is a fluffy bundle of joy, a very smart puppy, obedient, cuddly, playful and friendly with other dogs and also.

Extremely lucky cat makes it out alive crossing busy road

Extremely lucky cat makes it out alive crossing busy road.

Cat crossing a busy street exactly on a pedestrian crossing.

I filmed this near the miniwangoda hospital in sri lanka. The little cat crossed the street exactly on the cross-walk. It was his second attempt, the first time he got.

Video surfaces of woman chasing cat on busy highway

A video released by authorities in houston shows a woman trying to catch a cat on a busy highway. The harris county toll road authority (hctra) recently.

Tiger spotted dodging traffic on busy road in doha

Twitter users said the incident happened on tuesday morning, although this could not be immediately verified. One picture released on social media claimed to.

Freeway the cat saved by a good samaritan on busy phoenix highway

A selfless passerby who saved a cat trapped on a busy highway last week is being hailed as a hero. Richard christianson posted a video of himself online.

Watch a motorcyclist rescue frightened kitten from busy intersection

An oklahoma motorcycle rider risked her own safety to rescue a helpless kitten from a busy intersection and the heart-thumping moment was all caught on video.

Jcb excavator, amazing loading excavator on busy road, excavator video, construction machinery

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