The 404 ep. 1170: where aunt jill does a little dance

Aunt jills in a dancing mood on the day before our thanksgiving break, but also because she just hit 7000 followers on twitter! To pay it forward, shell answer.

The 404 ep. 1419: where its open tax season with aunt jill schlesinger

Aunt jill hangs out with the 404 to ring in the open tax season, give a post-game superbowl wrap-up, and answer a few of your dire financial questions.

The 404 ep. 1355: where everyone needs an aunt jill

We dare aunt jill schlesinger to explain the government shutdown, obamacare, and the debt ceiling in under an hour.

The 404 ep. 1240: where we celebrate aunt jills annivorcery

Aunt jill schlesingers back in the seat and putting out positive vibes for the tax season. Shell tell us about tax withholding, how to stack.

The 404 ep. 1448: where rich or poor, its nice to have money

Aunt jill schlesingers back on the show for her annual tax advice episode! Well chat with her about how to pick the right cpa, why you.

The 404 1,521: where we invest on autopilot

Aunt jill schlesinger returns to the show! This time she tells us about her recent travels, her new favorite storytelling web site, and a new.

The 404 ep. 1254: where can you spare a bitcoin?

Aunt jill has breaking news to tell the 404! Well also talk to her about plummeting apple stock, the bitcoin bubble, and the usual round of.

The 404 ep. 1114: where well take the cash, thanks

Aunt jill schlesinger from cbs moneywatch helps us the 404 conquer their financial woes by breaking down the facebook and apple.

The 404 ep. 1182: where we take 12 steps to financial freedom

We couldnt end the year without a final appearance from aunt jill, who joins us today with a list of tips on how to secure your financial.

The 404 ep. 1210: where we survive on ramen and taxes

Aunt jill schlesinger makes her first appearance in the lunar new year, bringing us good wishes for an auspicious tax season. To celebrate.