Active duty army pay scale

Active duty army pay scale. Part of the series: army pay scales & career advice. The active duty army pay scale is broken down into three pieces, including.

Active duty military lifestyle

In this video i discuss the active duty lifestyle. Its a good living that includes many opportunities and travel.

Career advice for army second lieutenants (2lt)

Here is some of my best career advice for new army second lieutenants, whether on active duty, in the usar, or arng. Check out my army officer guide:.

United states army drill team recruitment video

The u. s. Army drill team is a precision drill platoon with the primary mission of showcasing the u. s. Army both nationally and internationally through.

Drill weekend, job cut, switched to active duty - gds vlog 006

This vlog catches you up on what happened since i attended my first drill weekend, some unfortunate news about my civilian job and how i ultimately came to.

Reserve or active duty?, losing my job position, future unknown - gds vlog 004

Im just giving a brief update about some matter that have been weighing on me for a few weeks now. First: yes, i still plan to go active duty, but at a far later time.

Us army jag livechat - active duty & reserve component

U. s. Army judge advocate general corps - the judge advocate officer 27a established in 1775 by general george washington, the army.

Army basic training

Scared of drill sergeants? Dont be. They are there to turn you into a soldier. Do what you need to do and basic can be just as fun as it is challenging!

Suspicious activity: kroger grocery chain hiring active duty military and veterans nationwide

Theyve been doing it for the last several years but it seems they know that when it hits the fan, many will run to buy food and they want their armed employees to.

Off duty officer protects daughter from armed robbers

Are your kids part of your defensive planning? We see very regularly that if you practice active self protection, you need to be conscious of how your children.