Tf2: base jumper

This video is way weirder than it needed to be. After having to recover 100gb of footage to make this i guess things just end up this way. Song huma-huma.

Tf2: how to make an epic winning cap with the base jumper fun

Get lucky collaborate: stab stab stab:.

Airstrike b.a.s.e jumper gameplay! first impressions.

Want to join the steamgroup?: i also do some streaming at like on facebook!

Tf2: how to escape from pyro using b.a.s.e. jumper

100 ways to kill medic (compilation) play with bots: .

Tf2: b.a.s.e. jumper for noobs?

Is the base jumper for bad rocket jumpers? Testing out my new recording setup (using my elgato instead of fraps this time around) when someone called me.

Tf2: airborne mann vs. machine (air strike & base jumper gameplay)

Want to win a free orbiting fire unusual for tf2? Then hop over here! Were running a giveaway! mecha.

Tf2: how to deal with b.a.s.e. jumpers epic kill

Sentry jump the sunday show 5: kill by accident:.

Tf2: update jumper (air strike & base jumper gameplay)

Love and war is upon us! Let us conga. Weve got a new update, and a bunch of new things in the game! To kick things off, heres the incredibly fun parachute.

Tf2: b.a.s.e. jumper cow mangler

So. I made a video using some of my least favorite soldier unlocks? Thats weird. Sirky steam group faq: hud:.

Tf2: base jumper mechanics

We venture into a puzzling world of floating soldier that are somewhat more viable than they seem. Lets see how this plays out.