Candle dance at across the street bar

Dee hill does her candle dance to the beat of drums not guns wednesday night drum circle at across the street bar in dallas texas.

I am going mental - 30 mins non-stop alarm in bar across the street

I called the cops 3 times, i am about to freak out!!!! Goes on over 30 mins now.. no end in sight!! Edit:it started at 8 am in the morning. Went on till 9.15!!!

Drum circle atsb dallas

Drum circle in dallas across the street bar every wednesday night drum circle.

Askmeificare s.l.u.t live across the street bar jax, fl 9/6/14

Amiic performing live at across the street bar in jax, fl.

Macaulay culkin, across the street bar 12.23.12


Bar across the street keith reedy

Always playing good country western, gospel, honky tonk, and rockabilly music from the past and present. Thanks for listening, i always enjoy positive.

Insinnerator face the insinnerator - live at across the street bar dallas, tx 10/5/12

Insinnerator performing face the insinnerator live at across the street bar in dallas.

Our trip to the bar across the street:)

Chaser con 2012.

Watch shocking video of tornado demolishing a starbucks

Cell phone video captures a tornado leveling a starbucks store in indiana. A man eating at a chilis across the street shot the video from behind the bar.

Across the street from the beauty bar