Activinspire - zoom ( magic ink )

Activinspire - zoom ( magic ink )

The magic ink tool in activinspire

Using the magic ink tool in activinspire allows you to create see-thru objects that can reveal what lies below. This tutorial show you how to create a special.

Activinspire - desktop tools/camera tool video tutorial

Activinspire desktop tools/camera tool video tutorial - utilizing the desktop tools function within activinspire to assist in many areas, namely utilizing the.

Activinspire orientation

Learn how to bring out the browser window, access page notes, go into full screen mode, use the zoom menu, and change settings for the main toolbox in.

Teq webinar - intro to the promethean activinspire software

Learn how to create content in prometheans activinspire software to make your own flipcharts. This intro-level webinar show you how to add the basic.

Activinspire tutorial (moving objects in increments)

Create a number line and allow objects to move forward and backward on that number line by using the position incrementally action.

Activinspire - slide transitions

Activinspire - slide transitions.

Activinspire action browser - making a picture appear

How to hide a picture on a flipchart and create an action to bring it to the front. To help out a friend:)

La loupe magique dans activinspire

Vous aimez cette fonction! Voici comment voir à travers une image pour révéler ce qui se cache en dessous! Placer dabord limage du dessus sur la couche.

Photo zoom tool for facebook

Photo zoom tool for facebook a magnifying glass to facebook image - no need to click the image.