Funny and dumb bush quotes/moments

Heres a compilation i made of some dumb quotes bush has made!

Donald trump teases a president bid during a 1988 oprah show the oprah winfrey show own

For more the oprah winfrey show visit original airdate: april 25, 1988 donald trump is perhaps best known for the money hes made (and.

George h w bush vs homer simpson

George h w has a problem with homers son bart simpson when bart ack like dennis the menace and bothering george. Then george makes bart angry.

Best of donald trump (funny)

A compilation of donald trumps wackiest and funniest moments. Part 2:

George h. w. bush new world order quotes

Alan rickman takes jimmy to task for his impersonation

Alan rickman has some fun with helium balloons while confronting jimmy about the alan rickman-off he had with benedict cumberbatch on late night.

Naive fragen zum bnd, mittelmeer, armenien & drohnenmorde

Werde ein naivling bundespressekonferenz für desinteressierte 24. April 2015 völkermord (0:25 min) - der bundespräsident hat.

Donald trump funniest moments 2015 sale on amazon (see description)

Donald trump stuff for sale on vote now - do you think donald trump will build a wall?

Donald trumps best lines during his 2016 speech

Donald trump announced he is running for president; here are some of the best lines from his speech.

Bush v. simpsons

A featurette from the special features of season four of the simpsons dvds, examining the complicated, tense relationship between the simpsons and.