How to clear facebooks activity log which tracks all your history

How to clear facebooks activity log. Facebooks activity log is a list that is saved on facebook of all your posts, activity and people searches that you have.

Facebook activity log

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How to disable last active/active now feature on facebook (pc users).

Cnet how to - how to delete facebook activity using iphone, android app

You can now delete unwanted posts from your facebook activity log using the android or iphone app. Heres how!

How to hide last active on facebook (messenger)

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Easy way to hide your last online time in facebook

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How to make your facebook completely private

Click here to view text version how to change your facebook privacy settings in order to stop people who are not your friends from.

How to disable last active active now last seen on facebook 2016

Easy way to hide your last online time in facebook how to hide online status facebook chat remove last active from facebook active now active.

How to stop autolike from liking others pic from your facebook account

After getting likes for our pic on facebook. Many people dont know others pic get liked by us. We can see that in activity how to stop it see this video.

View activity log on facebook

Now there is a quick and easy way to view all of your activity youve ever had on facebook with the new timeline profile.