Medieval movie battles pt1- 14th century

May contain story-spoilers the sequences used in this part are taken from the series world without end set in england during the 1300s, the series.

Battle of agincourt - october 25, 1415 (hundred years war)

Playlist of historical battles in total war ranging from 1457 bce - may 1865.

The seven years war: crash course world history 26

In which john teaches you about the seven years war, which may have lasted nine years. Or as many as 23. It was a very confusing was. The seven years war.

The crusades pilgrimage or holy war?: crash course world history 15

In which john green teaches you about the crusades embarked upon by european christians in the 12th and 13th centuries. Our traditional perception of the.

Our 14th century tower in najac

Its been a while since i uploaded any archery-related videos, and rest assured that more will come in time (including part 2 of my bowmaking video!) but in case.

Womens makeup throughout history

A diverse group of women show just how much womens makeup has changed through the ages. Check out more awesome videos at buzzfeedvideo!

Perfidious albion 7 - the hundred years war begins (part 3)

Since the pope intervened to prevent the english conquest of scotland, princes edward and edmund of england muster the english armies in southampton to.

Causes of hundred years war and battle of crecy

Stop motion video over the beginnings of the hundred years war. Video by jocelyn, ryan, melissa, and shawn.

Horrible history - the bloody battle of agincourt

A video that looks at the battle of agincourt and the reasons why henry v won.

Historic debt video of the day

Greece, portugal and ireland are grappling with unprecedented levels of debt, but historically speaking, debt crises are not unusual. England racked up massive.