Sr. wooly - puedo ir al bao?

2009 seor wooly llc puedo ir al bao? Liked the video? Sr. Wooly has lots of other unique and funny educational spanish videos, most of which are not.

Chipmunk voice kid needs to go to bathroom in spanish

I did not make this song or video i only chipmunkified it. Go to to see original version.

Spanish lesson 68 bathroom - el bao - household vocabulary

Learn spanish, bathroom, household.

3ds max tutorial the bathroom - (audio in spanish)

This is a complete tutorial in spanish about a bathroom creation process from start to finish, using 3ds max mental ray and photoshop. The main topics of this.

How to say bathroom in spanish - learn spanish

How to say bathroom in spanish, start learning spanish today! Learning spanish with psycho girlfriend you will learn a very.

How to say can i go to the bathroom in spanish


Spanish vocabulary the bathroom

Spanish vocabulary. The bathroom.

Lingo spanish: where is the bathroom?

Today we are in the restaurant to learn how to say where is the bathroom?

How do you say where is the bathroom in spanish

How do you say where is the bathroom in spanish learn how do you say where is the bathroom in.

In the bathroom (spanish lesson 12) clip learn bao words, easy espaol, kids language

Teaches the spanish (espaol) words for bathroom (bao) and the things inside the bathroom cup, shower, sink & more. Our easy videos teach not only.