Weird chip taste test lays passport to flavor

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Lays taste test challenge!

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Taste test: lays global flavor chips

Sorry for the audio issues. Still figuring out webcam style videos. Heres a video of me trying the new lays global flavor chips. Follow me on social media.

Weird lays chip taste test! with my mom

Today i fixed a taste test video w/ my madre!! Comment down below which one sounds most appealing to you:) social media: instagram: jadeepink younow:.

Trying weird lays potato chip flavors

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Tasting weird chip flavors!

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Tgif: lays do us a flavor finalists taste test!

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Lays chip contest taste test 2!

The first lays video we did: my etsy account.

Taste tripping pill test!

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Lays chip taste test

Tasting weird chips flavours never felt so good my last video social media!! Vine: alliecatyo facebook:.