Romantic anime with happy ending

Romantic anime with cute couples and happy ending suggestions.

My top 25 romance anime part 1

Description first, thank you guys for 5000 subscribes, it gives me a lot of hopes and also i wanted to thank you so much for your unbelievable.

Top 10 perfect endings of anime

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Forbidden romance: my butler shohei yonekura happy ending part 2

So here is finally the last chapter of my butler and i got da happy ending ( hahaa ) , hope you guys enjoy..

My samurai romance - ryoma sakamoto (happy ending)

Disclaimer: my samurai romance belongs to underdogs inc.

My samurai romance - shinsaku takasugi (happy ending)

Disclaimer: my samurai romance belongs to underdogs inc.

Alternative happy ending your lie in april

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Selina good ending! highschool romance 9

Happy end! In this episode we explore a different ending that is actually good this time no more bad endings! Its the start of your final year of school while shojis.

My secret pets! otome - lize full route with happy ending

Top 10 best funny anime moments 4 spring 2016 reupload

Hello guys!:d this is my top 10 best funny anime moments of spring 2016 4. I made this list from anime that aired in 5th week of spring 2016:3 yeah,,.