C2090-312: ibm exam db2 11 dba for test z/os questions

For ibm c2090-312 test questions and answers please visit exam section 1: database design and.

Sql: delete vs truncate vs drop

In this tutorial, youll learn the difference between delete/drop and truncate. Pl/sql (procedural language/structured query language) is oracle corporations.

How to use db2 adminmovetable stored procedure

This video shows you how to use nmovetable stored procedure to move a table from one tablespace to another without taking the table.

Db2 luw v10.1: capture and access section actuals

Video description: standard db2 luw explain reports show estimated result counts for each operation in the access plan. These estimates are determined.

Db2 tips n tricks part 8 - restore an accidentally dropped table space

Accidentally dropped incorrect table space. Not to worry. Solution 1 restore entire db and roll forward to point in time just before drop table space - time.

Db2 luw v10.5: moving data to db2 with blu acceleration

Video description: this skill builder video discusses the db2 tools that can be used to move data to blu acceleration, column organized tables. The use of.

Fast and efficient db2 data migrations

Testers need to be able to refresh test data both periodically and on demand. Dbas need reliable processes that require minimum manual intervention even if.

Db2 ibm procedure simples

Data studio tutorial 4 - create, run, deploy, and debug a stored procedure

This demo (no audio) shows users how to create, run, deploy and debug a stored procedure. This is part of the data studio tutorial series that show users how.

Sql no12 like

Sql no12:.