Jeans alterations - waist resizing

Be a smarty pants & take in your jeans waist.

How to tailor: denim

How to find a good tailor website: instagram: teachingmensfashion email:.

Fitted jeans waist-no more gap in back!

Full version of this video can now be found at the following youtube link: .

How to downsize jeans (resize waist & legs!)

Ill show you how i downsize my jeans, resizing the waist to be smaller and slimming the legs. I adjusted my saggy boyfriend jeans to bring in the waistband, and.

How to take in jeans at the waist

30 years of experience showing a quick way to take in light weight jeans at the waist.

How to make the waist of your jeans smaller

In this video i show you how to make your jeans fit if the waist is too big. If you want to know how to make the leg fit click here:.

How to alter your trouser waistband

Sewing tutorial show you how to alter your trouser waistband to reduce it or let it out.

Easy way to take in the waist of pants (no cutting, no machine) make it monday

For detailed step-by-step directions and photos visit my blog: follow me:.

5 shirt tricks men probably dont know

When to tuck check out more awesome videos at buzzfeedvideo! music african percussion licensed via warner chappell.

Diy: altering the waist of your jeans

This video gives simple instructions on how to alter the waist of your jeans so that theyll fit properly. Supplies: elastic, safety pins, needle and thread, scissors,.