Romania fists fly: animal activists brawl with dog killer

M/s street brawl script a spirited punch-up occurred between official dog-catcher rzvan bncescu and a group of animal rights activists outside bucharest.

Senegal: exiled gambians protest over jammehs iron fist rule

A group of gambian activists who are in exile in senegal have taken to the streets of dakar to denounce continued repression of gambian citizens by the.

Extreme zionists kahane group intimidate activists in hebron

A group of extremists zionist reached the house in which other international activists are living. They tried to climb up onto the stairs leading to the front door of.

Behold black power

I am sure everyone has grown accustomed to seeing black lives matter activist, and black panthers (both terroristic organizations) with their fist in the air yelling,.

Britain first carries out christian patrol in islamist hotspot bury park, luton

Bury park in luton is an area notorious for islamic extremists, isis fanatics, hate preachers and terrorists. It is perhaps the worst hotspot in the whole country for.

Ukraine: pro-russia activists declare donetsk independent from ukraine

Video id 20140407 028 m/s pro-russian supporters inside council building sot pro-russian activist (in russian): i hereby proclaim the creation of the new.

Stop a douchebag ep.4 - mma fighter

In this episode the activists tried to make an experienced mma fighter to move his car that was parked in a bus stop. After he was asked to do so, the fighter lost.

Muse - uprising official video

Uprising is a song by the english rock band muse. It was released as the lead single from the bands fifth studio album, the resistance, on september 7, 2009.

Stlam video: ferguson protestors leave casket, demands on stl city mayor slays doorstep

Video and story by rebecca rivas reporter for st. Louis american.

Stop a douchebag ep.3 - tracksuit and ak-47

Just some context: three guys in a lexus drive up, and the activists make them drive off. They repeat the offense, shouting at the boys as theyre confronted.