Circleimageview android library by henning dodenhof (hdodenhof - github)

Github link: a fast circular imageview perfect for profile images. This is based on roundedimageview from vince.

Circle image view

This video will show you how to make a rounded imageview you can find roundimage class here:.

Android development 8 - working with imageviews

In this tutorial, we will be working with imageviews and adding custom images to our linearlayout. Website: google:.

17. android studio 1.5.1 - imageview circular (splash)

Android studio imagenview circular splash.

How to create an android image viewer - part 7 creating custom imageview

This is part 7 of the android tutorial series about creating an android image viewer using the android local storage framework that was introduced in android.

Creating circular images in android studio

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make images circular and give them a circular border in android studio. Source code: no source code, this tutorial is extremely.

How to crop image view as circle round in android

In this tutorial we will make round image for better user experience. For more info visit:- .

Whatsapp like android circular reveal effect

This video showed in details the circular reveal toggle effect just like in the latest whatsapp material gui designs.

How to make circle image in ios 9 xcode 7 tutorial

Example code: how to make circle image ios xcode 7 ios 9 autolayout uiimage.

How to program android apps: android custom buttons tutorial

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