Acquire learning street talk - melbourne, episode 1

The acquire learning crew hit the streets of melbourne to talk to the people about their dream jobs. We got back in touch and talked to the public about their.

How to learn the british accent- fast!

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3 minutes to a proper british accent with u of a prof david ley

New video- irish accent! * David ley recently became an internet sensation for his use of a vibrator to improve vocal range for.

Black ops 3 how to aim better! - bo3 improve your aim fast! (get more kills tips/tricks)

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American accent training

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What is vet fee-help and am i eligible?

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Day in the life - travel and tourism

A day in the life follows international travel consultant joy zulic in arranging dream holidays for her clients. Call us now to enquire about courses in travel and.

How to do a british accent

The beloved british accent is within reach of the non-british at last! Use your sultry new voice to get all the girlfriends you ever wanted, or to ensnare that hot.