Flight dispatcher

Our flight control center staff, which shares the same responsibility with our pilots, provides you a safe and fast flight experience.

British high commission donates ied training kits to the kenya airports authority

The british high commissioner to kenya , dr. Christian turner today handed over 13 improvised explosive device (ied) training kits, to the kenya airports.

Aurion learning turn around coordinator training program

This is the fifth module of the aurion learning turn around coordinator training program. The course aims to provide the users with a comprehensive.

Operation: kenya. a volunteer mission in rural africa.

In october 2013, we traveled to rural africa visiting orphanages and schools located in kenya. With the help of friends and family we donated school supplies,.

Isiolo international airport to begin operations next month

Isiolo international airport is set to begin operations next month. This according to the kenya airports authority managing director yatich kangugo who says the.

Kenya airports authority picks norwegian to head it

Has today appointed chief executives officers for both the kenya airports authority and the kenya ports authority, bringing to an end months of intrigues and high.

S.african aviation school offers course to more black africans

So you have a lifelong dream of being a pilot? You imagine yourself in the cockpit flying all around the world? Aviation is the dream of many a young person.

Pre-flight inspection of a cessna 172 standards aviation flying school wilson airport kenya

Pre-flight inspection of bravo yankee yankee, one of our cessna 172 training aircraft standardsaviationflyingschool. Feel the potence of her presence.

Airport drug smuggling border security bust man sneaking cocaine under his crotch - tomonews

U. s. Customs agents arrested a man they caught attempting to smuggle roughly a pound of cocaine stuffed in his underwear in mid-april, according to a pix11.

Kibet and eston start-up n take-off. wilson airport. kenya

Flying is that easy and pilots r that simple. Its just like driving. enjoy..!!