Live ovulation testing digital vs strip tests cd7-11

I used clear blue digital advanced ovulation tests along side the up and up brand from target line progression strip tests. I started cycle day 7 as directed by.

Clear blue digital ovulation test progression

Just a quick video for anyone that uses these and wants something to compare their tests to. Ive always heard you cant go by the strips from the digital opks,.

Opk progression with clearblue digital and wonfo tests.

I took ovulation tests over a week and this shows the days i got positives on the clearblue digital and wonfo test strips.

A little information for you about clearblue digital ovulation test

Ovulation test information digital. You can use either test with the monitors. Once i get a positive on the cheapies i will do a video and try out both of the digital.

Ttc vlog 2 - wondfo and clearblue ovulation predictor kit (opk)

Visit my blog: in ttc vlog 2 i talk about using opks and compare wondfo strips to clear blue easy digital kits.

Opks: what i used to conceive with pcos (ovulation predictor kits)

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Ovulation test review

Ttc 2 cycle. Reviewing the walgreens brand, answer brand, first response brand, and clear blue easy digital brand.

Ovulation test cycle day 12

Looks but clearblue says - but the test has problems when i put some strips in it. It shows a book right away. Crazy i know. But another video will be up at 8pm.

How to use the clearblue advanced digital ovulation test

The clearblue advanced digital ovulation testis the first and only test that typically identifies 4 fertile days each cycle. It tracks 2 key fertility hormones to.

First impression clear blue advanced digital ovulation test

Picked these up at target for around 40 dollars. If you like first impression videos and wanna see more give it a thumbs up! Thanks for watching.