Active data guard in oracle 11g read only standby database real time queries

This video discuss in detail about the active dataguard feature of oracle 11g.

4.overview active data guard - real time queries

Hi guys active data guard features comes in oracle 11g release that help to check real testing on physical machine opening in read only mode and as well as.

Overview active data guard - real time queries

I showed with this video, how to enable oracle data guard 11g new feature active data guard with sql * Plus and data guard manager (dgmgrl)?

Ahmed jassat oracle ebs advanced purging , being pro-active

Ahmed jassat oracle ebs advanced purging , being pro-active select.

How to gather sql resource consumption metrics in oracle

Presented by karen morton tues 8th may 2012 summary sql is utilized to return data via our applications to service user requests. Whether its a single.

Oracle data guard tutorial - advanced techniques (part 4 of 4)

Part 4 of skillbuilders tutorial beyond data guard. In this segment oracle certified master dba john watson discusses and demonstrates the read mostly.

Oracle enterprise manager 12c: use active session history (ash) analytics

This demonstration shows you how to monitor your database using active session history (ash) analytics in oracle enterprise manager cloud control 12c.

What is ldap?

Ldap stands for lightweight directory access protocol. It is an application protocol used over an ip network to manage and access the distributed directory.

Oracle sql developer: query builder demo

How to build queries with your mouse versus the keyboard.

Oracle automatic workload repository awr and active session history ash tutorial 1

In this tutorial you will learn about automatic workload repository/awr and active session history/ash in oracle.