How the average american spends their paycheck

Truth be told, the average american isnt all that different from his neighbors. We go to work, get paid, and spend our money on the things we need to survive.

Electricity bills as a percentage of household income

The data in this video summarize the percentage of household income that is spent on electricity and show how these proportions vary by season and across the.

Vancouver 2013, beautiful but expensive

Vancouver most expensive city in north america and the second most expensive city to live in, following only hong kong. The average price of a home here is.

The simpsons, springfield, windsor county, vermont, united states, north america

Springfield is a town in windsor county, vermont, united states. The population was 9373 at the 2010 census. One of the new hampshire grants, the township.

God created us equal: money

Average annual income in north america is about 50000. Average annual income in niger is about 350. World renew helps set up savings banks in.

Warning us median,& us per capita household income gold-keep stackin.

Disclaimer: i am of the opinion that the average american has not fared well under the qe fed bond purchasing program,& or stimulus programs since 2008,&.

Clayton, rabun county, georgia, united states, north america

Clayton is a city in rabun county, georgia, united states. The population was 2019 at the 2000 census. The city is the county seat of rabun county and is.

Avon, eagle county, colorado, united states, north america

Avon is a home rule municipality that is a town in eagle county, colorado, united states. The population was 6447 at the 2010 census. Avon is the gateway to.

Top 10 richest afro-american communities

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How much data does the average smartphone user use?

June 3 todays bwest byte is 14 gigabytes, for the amount of mobile data the average north american smartphone user is expected to use every month by.