How to clean your browning double automatic shotgun part 1

This is a part 1 of 2 on how to breakdown your browning double automatic shotgun for complete cleaning and reassemble it.

Browning double-auto shotgun - bolt disassembly & reassembly

For the three people that care. here is how to disassemble the bolt on a browning double-auto shotgun. Taking the bolt apart is not that hard, but there are.

How to clean your browning double automatic shotgun part 2

Here is part 2 of 2 on how to breakdown, clean, and reassemble your browning double automatic shotgun.

Browning double automatic loading and firing

Loading and firing a classic browning da 2 shot.

Browning double automatic

Shooting a early browning d, a, very rare shotguns but very well made, a pleasure to own and shoot.

Browning double automatic

It was very cold and this poor old gun diddnt much like that in combination with the cheap federal 2 3/4 8.

Browning double automatic twelvette stn 7

Browning double auto twentyweight

Browning double auto twentyweight shotgun, 12 gauge, made in 1966. 26 inch barrel with fixed skeet choke. Visit us at .

Browning twelvette double auto

Browning twelvette double auto, 12 gauge, made in belgium in 1965. Fixed modified choke, 28 inch vent rib barrel, round knob pistol grip, bright bore. Visit us.

My friend trying out the old 1968 browning double automatic

Trap shooting.