94 7.3 idi turbo diesel, glow plug noise (watch battery gauge)

My glow plug relay makes this noise after wait to start light goes off, the battery gauge moves while it clicks, most of the time it wont start till after the clicking is.

Charging issues 2006 powerstroke

I recently replaced my alternator because battery voltage was low and they were not charging, my battery light was also on. Now i pull a decent voltage but you.

Dodge avenger battery light fix

2009 dodge avenger battery light fix.

7.3 idi turbo diesel glow plug

Glow plug noise, is this normal, wait to start light comes on for about 3-4 seconds then it clicks, i tested the voltage at the relay and it was 12v on the battery side.

1989 7.3l idi no start (spit & sputtering): whats wrong???

1989 7.3l idi (navistar) no start (pre-power stroke) short video of my 7.3l spitting and sputtering, trying to start. In the video you can hear me saying wait.

Rubicon battery gauge

Check gauges light appeared on my dash and my battery gauge was fluctuating.

Glow plug test using a 12 volt test light ford 7.3 liter 1994 and earlier

How to perform a battery parasitic draw test

This is the tried and true way to perform a battery draw test.

Old start cold start ford f-250 xlt idi 7.3l diesel

This is an old start cold start found out the battery ends were bad and no put on right and the starter needs to be replaced. But glad it runs.

No start: ford 7.3l idi diesel glow plug relay clicking repair

You can grab a new relay and module assembly still from here-(check fitment guide).