Eedge 8x8 buyer campaign part 1

Creating an 8x8 buyer campaign within eedge. Its easy with eedge to follow a model that brings success.

Eedge 8x8 buyer campaign part 2

Eedge 8x8 buyer campaign part 3

Eedge 8x8 buyer campaign part 4

Eedge 8x8 buyer campaign - using groups

How to setup a buyer 8x8 campaign

Introduction to eedge - marketing campaigns

Learn about the 8x8 buyer and seller, 33 touch, and 12 direct eedge marketing campaigns available to keller williams agents.

How to apply 8x8 campaign in topproducer 8i

In this episode lotfi shows you how to apply an email campaign to your contacts within top producer 8i.

Setting up your core campaigns in eedge(33 touch/8x8s)

Jump start s 33 touch & 8x8 mastery

There is a magic number of sales that you will be able to acquire if you systematically communicate with your database. Gary kellers research created the.