Marriage advice from divorcees

Close the door when you take a dump. Share on facebook like buzzfeedvideo on facebook: share on.

Bad marriage advice - from our wedding day

After three years being married i went through the marriage advice we received on our wedding day! I picked out the bad advice, cliche advice, and funny advice.

Q&a simon & islam, make-up, interracial marriage & photography advice

Is simon a muslim? Are you moroccan? Why didnt you wear make-up on your wedding day? Marrying someone from a different heritage race. Photography.

Parents pass down their best marriage advice take it from me: generations

No one gives better advice than mom and dad. Case in point: these mother-daughter and father-daughter pairs who shared emotional and practical advice.

The day we got married

Watch our wedding photo video here: dearest friends, on 11th august 2013; our.

Bridal wave episode 4 - advice on budgeting for your wedding day

Here at the kenmore live studio meet bride-to-be alexis karpik, who tells the story of how she met her fiancee on jdate. Big city brides event planner claire.

Men describe their wedding day

Because its a special day for guys, too. Like buzzfeedvideo on facebook: watch as a group of married men recount one of the most.

Wedding advice videos for saving your wedding day from flaws

Key & peele - gay wedding advice

We know you want more key & peele indulge in the ultimate sketch experience with curated collections, gifs, memes and an illustrated dictionary. Nooice!

Wedding proposal & marriage advice: how to ask your girlfriends father for her hand in marriage

Prepare to ask a girlfriends father for her hand in marriage by calling him up and setting an appointment with the preface that you have some good news.