Castle clash rank 1 ios player taking rank 1 in arena

Awesome video of me playing a little bit of arena.. Enjoy.

Rank 1 arena double evolved warlock and dreaddrake owning castle clash


Phantom king holding down rank 1 arena cant be stopped! castle clash

Heroes in artifacts and ready to fight. Enjoy.

Castle clash road to the arena throne!

Lets go and tackle the arena and go for the throne of number 1! My recorder kinda skipped at the end there but i played the replay:)

Castle clash number 1 in arena - vol.1


Back to rank 1 might plus climbing the arena ranks castle clash


Best proven deck for arena 4 & arena 5! clash royale best decks & strategys

Clash royale best deck for arena 4 and areana 5! The best battle deck to use to get constant victories! It works so well because its great on offense and great on.

Castle clash: 2 new heroes!!! top 200 arena ios account update massive improvement

Whats up guys here is a quick peek at my ios account. Have made massive improvements, and plan to improve my account a lot more. Let me know hat you think.

Castle clash arena part 12 top 30!

Castle clash: top ios arena from rank 51 to 1

Overall was quite a fun push. Editing was a bit weird but not much i could do about it considering the way i recorded. There is one really bad transition that.