Hybrid nasus top?? league of legends

The hybrid chane? Hybrid nasus top in league of legends. Instagram giveaway: full.

New meta: full lifesteal nasus top

Healing more than support? Lifesteal nasus in the top lane! Leave a pimpin like! And subscribe here mas new meta:.

Lol adventures, crit nasus! penta and solo baron!

League of legends nasus build - with commentary

Gnawsus as in gnaw on the enemy. Like for om nom nomsus. Nasus build, farm the q and roll faces late game. My old nasus build, more damage build (still.

New triforce nasus broken pbe

Song jaeger: until dawn trinity force changes: now builds out of stinger instead of zeal. Total price reduced to 36ttack speed increased to.

Lol 4.21 - kayle vs nasus top (runanns build) - 1080p 60fps gameplay

This game is a reupload because 1080p and 60fps failed to process. Kayle is still pretty strong in the top lane. This game was played under the 4.21 patch.

League of legends nasus build - with commentary

New updated season 3 full tank nasus build - (this build is still awesome if you looking for more damage nasus) time for late.

Full ad crit kled- cled (fun builds league of legends)

League of legends (lol) season 6 patch 6.16. Short video of my gameplay with the new champion kled using a full ad crit build (a. k. a cled). I only managed.

Yasuo vs nasus dynamic soloq 6.11 - unranked to diamond 3

Went 13/3 there. Leave a like if u enjoyed the gameplay:) the playlist i used.

Duskblade nasus one-shots top league of legends

The duskblade of drakkthur nasus one-shot build! Subscribe to the league nation: subscribe to our squad!