Adl education bed mobility - how to roll over and sit up from lying down

Bed mobility - rolling in bed

For slu son - rolling a patient in bed.

Bed mobility

Scooting up/down/laterally, rolling, supine to sitting, and sitting to supine.

Bed mobility pt1

Log rolling.

Log rolling

Instructional video showing the log roll, a technique used to get into and out of bed for patients with some back conditions and abdominal conditions. If unsure.

Bed mobility rolling on to stronger side

Bed mobility- sheet roll

C6 quadriplegic - bed mobility & transferring

I demonstrate my methods of bed mobility and bed transferring: -chair to bed -using spasticity -leg-by-leg -the egg roll -long sit -prone position -bed to chair.

Bed mobility pt2

Rolling to prone, lateral sides, transfer up and down.

How to position a stroke patient

Good positioning of the stroke patient is most important. This video covers the best way to position a patient for rehabilitation and recovery.