Amazing beer pong shots 3

3rd installment of the crappiest beer pong series on utube (song is musical explosion by ben drake)

Pouring molten salt into water - explosion!

What we made exploding salt high speed camera rentals - molten salt.

All rules beer pong pongdemonium

For everyone who wants elbows, heating up/on fire and all those other rules that we dont regularly practice, this is the video for you! On this episode, we throw.

Kevin delaney explodes ping pong balls

Jimmy performs science experiments with kevin delaney, including using liquid nitrogen to explode a giant drum filled with ping pong balls all over studio 6b.

Beer keg tap explosion - fail

Knocking faucet into beer keg - fail.

New years eve chocolate explosion cake from cookies cupcakes and cardio

Buy my cookbook subscribe: subscribe to our newsletter here:.

2,014 mousetraps and 2,015 ping-pong balls create ultimate chain reaction

2014 mousetraps and 2015 ping-pong balls create ultimate chain reaction subscribe for the latest news from pa: ahead of the 2014 new.

Beer explosion - lets shoot 2

This is new series on my channel! In these videos i will destroy things with my gun. Today i destroyed beer, can and batteries and old phone. Let me know in.

Halo 4 custom game: beer pong

A great and unique map by turbtastic. These are the kind of game types i personally love. They stand out and create a whole new dimension of game play.

How to play beer pong drinking games

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