Trigonometry - applying addition/subtraction formulas

This lesson demonstrates examples of how to find the exact value of trig expressions by applying our knowledge of special right triangle relationships and.

Sum and difference trigonometric identities

Using the sum and difference identities, i do examples of evaluating trigonometric expressions that require the use of the sum and difference identities for sine,.

7.2.1 - addition and subtraction formulas

Introduction and derivation of the addition and subtraction formulas for sine, cosine and tangent.

Precalculus trigonometry: trig identities (9 of 57) addition and subtraction formulas

Visit for more math and science lectures! In this video i will introduce trigonometric addition and subtraction formulas.

Basic excel formulas - add, subtract, divide, multiply

Create a basic formula to add columns, subtract, divide, and multiply. This is a simple tutorial showing how to calculate simple formulas.

Trigonometry addition and subtraction formulas for tan tangent

Trigonometry made easy. This video shows easy ways to use the addition formula it will make other parts of trig easier.

Adding & subtracting vertical columns in excel: ms excel tips

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Analytic trigonometry addition and subtraction formulas

Addition and subtraction formula for tangent e1 addition and subtraction formulas