Also sprach zarathustra (flatline remix)-mardi gras bb

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Deodato - september 13

Review by richard s. Ginell: prior to prelude, eumir deodato was primarily known, if at all, as a tasteful, lyrical, bossa nova-based sometime arranger for the.

Biggabush meets manuel gas - asi hablo zarathustra (lightning head version)

Album mojo club - the remix album part 2 label universal - 560 783-2 released: 2001.

Eumir deodato skatin 1980

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Eumir deodato - eastside strut

Jazz funk.. Eastside strut night cruiser.

Deodato - i shot the sherif

From the album very together 1976.

Deodato whirlwinds - 1974

From the album whirlwinds 1974 - mca records arco bass alvin brehm, russel savakus * Bass john giulino.

Whistle bump deodato

Original issue 1978 love island

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Deodato - star trek theme

From very together (1976)