A midlife crisis escape across america by bicycle (1996)

Cycling as recreation became organized shortly after racing did. In its early days, cycling brought the sexes together in an unchaperoned way, particularly after.

Foldable solar panel review and the bicycle ride across america

See the specs and full review waynes channel: missouri wind.

500 days alaska to argentina - the modern motorcycle diaries

Alaska to argentina in 500 days, the sights and roads of a motorcycle journey, a one man video documentary of the craziest, most beautiful and intense roads.

36 day motorcycle tour across north america

If you always had a childhood dream of buying a motorcycle and crossing the united states on the saddle, then we have one thing in common. Ever since i was.

Americas got talent fearless flores family - audition - season 6

The flores family is truly fearless as they enter the globe of death! Get the americas got talent app: subscribe for more:.

The rise of protected bike lanes

Across the country, more americans are choosing to get around by bike. Cities are encouraging this trend by building protected bikes lanes. Protected bike lanes.

Podcast 014- steve garufi bike across america

Sandros blog is dude in a van under a triumphant sky by steve garufi:.

World best known cycling race across america

Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and now number approximately one billion worldwide.5 they are the principal means of transportation in many.

Africa twin across america final comments

200 miles out from home finishing up on my ride across america on my africa twin that i bought from honda of south georgia. 3125 miles, 11 states in 5 days -

Triumph bonneville 19 728km solo female motorcycle adventure - riding across america (garmin virb)

Triumph bonneville, one polish gal. 19 728km and one goal make a dream come true riding across america!! Riding across america - a thrilling.